PitchPrint Privacy Policy

In order to enable the development and improvement of products and services, for providing greater consumer and developer experience (by relevant offerings), for the operation of some of the functionalities of the Product and Services and for the ability to send you relevant materials and software updates of PitchPrint or any of its business partners, PitchPrint may ask you to voluntarily provide contact details and other personally identifiable information (such as name, email address, country and zip-code), and demographic information (like age, occupation or gender). Such personally identifiable information may be submitted by you voluntarily, either through forms which you have to fill–in, or through forms that are automatically filled-in by the product or services, which you can further correct, modify or delete before you choose to submit either directly through PitchPrint’ website or it's payment processors.

Your personal identifiable information will NOT be shared with others.
PitchPrint may share demographic information with its business partners (for the above mentioned purposes), provided that if published and /or shared, it will be only on an aggregated basis, which is not personally identifiable.

Please note that during the installation / registration of the Product / Services you may be requested to provide a valid email address in order to enable the respective process, to enable PitchPrint' team to provide you with email support and in order to allow PitchPrint to contact you, via email communication, with news and updates about products and services (such as: new releases, new features, special offers).

If you wish, at any time, to remove your email address from any of the above mentioned email mailing lists and stop receiving future email communications from PitchPrint, you may unsubscribe by an email to: postmaster [at] pitchprint.com, with "UNSUBSCRIBE" as message subject.

For your convenience, email communication from PitchPrint contains instructions regarding how to unsubscribe from PitchPrint email mailing lists.

Please note that, in some cases, if you decide not to provide certain information or delete certain automatically filled-in information from certain PitchPrint' forms (e.g. email address), you may not be able to complete the applicable process, e.g., registering for a service or installing a product.

PitchPrint may use "cookies" for several purposes such as: in order to enable the use / login / activation of some of the products functions / services, maintain user's preferences while using the product / services, rotate and serve advertisement and provide usage statistics. PitchPrint does not require that you accept cookies, and you may disable cookies at any time. However, some functionality of our Product or Services may be impaired if you decline to accept cookies.

Credit card information submitted during the purchase of a Paid Product or Paid Services is collected on a secure site using a secure socket layer encryption, and is verified by organizations such as VeriSign™. PitchPrint cannot guarantee, however, that the measures in place are (or will remain) adequate. Except as necessary for the purpose of routine processing of payments, PitchPrint does not possess or share credit history or credit card information with other companies or third parties, All credit card processing is handled by our approved credit card processor.

This Privacy Policy does not cover the information practices exercised by other providers of products or services, advertisers, or other websites, which are linked to, or may be accessed through, our site. Furthermore, if you acquired or purchased the Product or Services other than through PitchPrint's web site, your personal information may be subject to different privacy practices exercised by other providers. PitchPrint is not responsible for the privacy practices exercised by any such providers. Please consult the privacy statement of these providers to learn more about their privacy practices.

You hereby explicitly agree to the collection and use of any information by PitchPrint or its business partners as stated hereunder.

Last updated 7th August, 2017