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Do you sell Photo Prints? PitchPrint is a Web-to-Print platform you connect to your webstore that enables your customers to personalize any of your products and preview them in 3D before placing orders. It is quick to install on the the following shopping cart frameworks..


This module enables your customers to easily order print copies of their photos, sourced from their social media accounts or those stored on their computers or phones.

It comes in three modes:

  • Photo with Paper Type selection: This standard photo module allows your customers to select paper type, quantity and sizes on each photo
  • Bulk Photo Prints: This mode is specifically designed to enable customers bulk-order their photo prints with little hassles
  • Vintage Photo Prints: This mode allows your customers to order their prints in different designs you have created as pages. With this, you can set a caption


Advance Photo Operations

In order to maintain a consistent print output, we have added a colour correction process whereby you can choose to apply a particular ICC profile to all photos uploaded for a product.
Be it Greyscale, CMYK, RGB, Lab etc.

In the app, customers can crop, apply filters and even adjust color temperature of their photos

And the pictures get saved back in high resolution all the way into the final PDF, ready for print.

Read more about our Photo Upload Pipeline here

Color Operations


Sync Pages with Pricing

Our Page Count module connects PitchPrint app to your product page quantity.

This allows for variable pricing so that as the number of pages change in he app, your pricing is updated to reflect the design your customer is creating

Read more about this module here

Page Count module

Frequently asked questions

On your end, you basically need the minimum requirements for each platform you want to install like WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop etc. And if you have an existing store front, it's easy. Simply click on any of the download options that relates to your store at the bottom of this page and you should get all the instructions you need.
Should you require, we can install for you free of charge.
Absolutely YES. You can upload your own fonts, images and SVG shapes as well as create your own custom designs based on your unique product offerings.
In addition, the service comes with design templates, images, fonts and cliparts you can easily import from our assets store.
You can even import and use Google Fonts directly in the design editor.
When a client submits an order, you get the project details with option to load and edit the project, a PDF file of the order and screenshot of what the client has designed as a proof.
You can optionally download PNG or JPEG images of the designs as well.
We currently support 35 beautiful languages from all over the world. And you can customize every letter or add your own language.

Easy start, No credit card required!


Do you print Wedding Invitations, Greeting Cards, Tshirts, Banners, Phone Casings, Envelopes, Loyalty Cards, Restaurant Menus, Burial Programmes, Wine Labels, Wall Murals, Vehicle Decals, Sport Jerseys etc?

We hold periodic webinars. You can sign up for one or schedule a one on one tour of the application.





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