Customers use PitchPrint to personalize these products and many more..
Capabilities + Modules
These modules extend PitchPrint's capabilities and are designed for specific roles Check out the demo products where they've been integrated and read more on the docs site


This module allows users to apply different color themes to their designs within the app. Elements and backgrounds are changed to the selected theme. For items like Business Cards

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Canvas Adjuster

It allows users to adjust the print canvas dimension before or during design to their custom size or pick from a list of preset values you may create for that particular product

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Design Selector

This module allows customers to select and change designs while inside the application. It loads all the print designs within a category and gives the option to swap designs

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Variable Data

This module allows users to create multiple units of a customized design from a data source such as an Excel or a CSV file. Additionally, they can manually input values. E.g: multiple business cards

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Template Colors

Imagine while creating a TShirt, you needed to see how your design will appear on different colors of TShirt, while in the design app. This module enables that feature

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Data Form

This module shows a quick-edit form filled with data elements from the selected design. It is suitable for quick edits without having to edit directly on the canvas

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Hooks is a feature that allows you to bind an item’s position to a host item’s position, such that as the host’s boundary changes, the target’s position adjusts

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This module is a photo randomizer. When clicked, it randomly places photos into selected mask shapes, automatically from a collection such as Facebook folder or Instagram

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This is a layout module is a Phone-based layout module that makes creating and editing photo books as easy as as possible on mobile devices

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Page Loader

It is designed to allow users load additional pages into their current design from a different source design. Optionally, they can start with a blank page and keep adding pages

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