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  • 1 MB Max Picture Upload Size
  • Low res Image Editing
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  • Unlimited Picture Upload Size
  • High res Image Editing
  • Priority support
  • Access to all Modules & Extensions
Default package is free. Absolutely free, no strings attached; whatsoever! 

However, to give you the best service and product, we need to maintain servers and license certain software. To this end, we have pegged image uploads in the free versions to 1MB. With the premium package, you have unlimited image upload size while you pay us $49 monthly so we could maintain servers, improve the app as well as make our software partners smile.

To activate this, simply login to your admin panel and from there, you can purchase the premium package against your domain.

We do believe in good causes. If you are a Not-for-Profit organization, kindly reach out to use and we will issue you a free yearly renewable Premium license.