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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PitchPrint?

PitchPrint is a Web2Print solution offered as Software Service.
It allows you to convert your Printing Website into a DIY platform where your users can basically edit design templates using text, shape, images etc and submit for print.
The system generates a print-ready PDF file of exactly what your customer designs using the tool on your website.
So without any Photoshop skills, your users can create their Business Cards, Calendars, Photo Album, etc on your website without stress.

What do I need to set up my store?

On your end, you basically need the minimum requirements for each platform you want to install. For PitchPrint, a bulk of the work is done on our servers. So you should check out software requirements for any of OpenCart, PrestaShop or WordPress depending on which you prefer to use. For a minimum low traffic site, a shared hosting is about enough.

Which platform is best for me?

This is left to taste. But from the obvious, OpenCart and Prestashop are designed as cart based systems while WordPress is primarily built for blogging, thus it requires a plugin like WooCommerce to morph into a shopping cart system but they have equally done a great job. WordPress also has the added advantage of a very large community of developers and users as against the other two, so there’s barely a plugin you can’t find for WordPress.
Since the app is free, we advise you install these platforms and test theme yourself before making a dedicated commitment to one.

Does it work on iPad?

YES it does. It loads and performs same as desktop mode with UI windows minimized to give the canvas a fair share of the screen. When an action is activated, like add Picture, the picture panel pops up and auto hides once the action is finalized.
You should check out the demos on your iPad.

What do I get when a client makes an order?

When a client submits an order, you get the project details with option to load and edit the project, a PDF file of the order and screenshot of what the client has designed as a proof.

In addition, you can opt to have the application render you a high resolution raster image of the client's design in either JPEG or PNG

Can I change the theme of the app?

Yes. The app installs with up to eleven different themes based on five colors and you can change those to suit your site look.

Can I customize the app?

Yes to some extent. You can set it to load a minimal UI and amend the look as you desire. But please note, this will require some JavaScript skills with jQuery.

Can I upload my own fonts and cliparts?

Absolutely yes. You can upload your own fonts, images and SVG shapes.

How do I get support?

We provide support via our FreshDesk portal where you get to make suggestions, discuss with other users on the forum report any bug as well as request a support to getting your store properly working.

Can I  become your reseller?

You can contact our sales team to table your intent via email.

Do I get future upgrades and how?

Updates are automatically reflected on the application once pushed out. That's the core advantage of SaS. Updates instantly reflect on your site and we work to ensure none of your existing system is broken for any reason.

Does the product come with templates and clipart images?

The product comes with few templates and cliparts. However, you are advised to purchase your own library to suit your client base and product needs. Also, there's a marketplace where designers get to share template ideas. You can start from there and pick your choice as well as create and share with others.

I have an existing shop. Can I still install PitchPrint on it?

Absolutely. You can install it over your existing OpenCart, WordPress, PrestaShop or personal custom site without doing a fresh cart installation

Where will our files be hosted?

PitchPrint is a Software as Service platform with dedicated servers for processing and storage. Your Picture and PDF files are stored on Amazon S3 storage servers. Design files are stored on our dedicated SSD based servers for swift random access and you can request for your files at anytime.
You can also use out Runtime API service to connect to the server and download any of your files with proper authentication.

I have a custom website. Can I still use this service?

YES! Very much you can easily integrate the app into your existing website using out API.

What is Premium Subscription?

Default package is free. Absolutely free, no strings attached; whatsoever! 
However, to give you the best service and product, we need to maintain servers and license certain software.
To this end, we have pegged image uploads in the free versions to 1MB. With the premium package, you have unlimited image upload size while you pay us $49 monthly.
To activate this, simply log in to your admin panel and from there, you can purchase the premium package against your domain.